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Duplicable Remote

Easy Copy Remote

Example Manual of https://www.apollo-auto.com/car-keys/duplicable-remote/button-to-button-duplicable-remote-fantasy-series-315mhz

  1. Clear Code: press LOCK and UNLOCK button at the same time for 2 seconds. LED flash for 1 time and then turn off. Release the UNLOCK, keep pressing LOCK, press UNLOCK 3 times quickly within 3 seconds. Then LED flash very quickly, means code was deleted.
  2. Hold your old remote at left hand, new remote at right hand, back to back, the closer the better. Press both remotes’ LOCK at the same time, after 3 seconds, LED will flash very fast, means the old remote’s LOCK information was copied into the new one. Do the same steps for the other 3 buttons.
  3. RECOVERY: If you delete the code by careless, can press BELL and PANIC at the same time, after 3 seconds, LED flash 3 times, and then flash very quickly. It means the code was recovered.
  4. Adjustable Frequency. For fix code remote, just copy it directly. If is adjustable frequency, from 280MHz-490MHz, use plastic bar or nail or to adjust the frequency first. Keep the metal and electronics away. For the remote with metal face, needs to adjust it 3MHz lower. If you need 315MHz, you adjust the frequency to 312MHz, after fix the cover, the frequency will be 315MHz on the frequency reader.

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